Live Appearances Alert!

First off, if you’re visiting to see if we’ve posted a new episode: the next show won’t be up until December 21, due to holiday whiz-bangs and flungers, cabdabblers, and smendlers, and such.  Our apologies.

But the great news is you can see us BEFORE then, if you come to the UCBEast in NYC on December the 18th at 6 pm for a live taping of the podcast Here to Help (hosted by Andy Rocco).  The gang will be offering advice-column style advice at rock bottom prices. (For reals — the show is FREE).

Dan McCoy (Daily Show Writer), Elliot Kalan (Daily Show Writer) & Stuart Wellington (Owner of many awesome mustaches), AND special guest Sean Conroy (The Swarm and Conan O’Brien)
153 East 3rd St.
New York, NY

BUT WAIT… There’s more!

Our second true LIVE FLOP HOUSE EVENT will be taking place on January 20th at 92Y Tribeca.

To quote the website:
“Irish arms dealer Miles Jackson (The Wire’s Aiden Gillen, somehow stumbling through his own native accent) taunts Louisiana cop Danny Fisher (WWE’s John Cena) through a series of dangerous tasks in order to save his wife … as long as Fisher doesn’t accidentally destroy the entire city first.
Hailed by bad-movie podcast The Flop House as “Dumb as a brick, stupid as a bag of hammers and a movie we kind of like,” 12 Rounds is steeped in important life lessons, like how to repeatedly insult a global terrorist with petty name-calling and how to stop a moving car using a speedboat. Will this meat-headed Sherlock Holmes solve the mystery of the missing plumber? Or will the city of New Orleans suffer its worst movie in recent history?
Bad Movie Night includes a trivia round, prizes and a presentation by I Love Bad Movies, and running commentary by The Flop House.”

We hope to see you there!

200 Hudson Street, NY, NY