All Here to Help

Flop House Podcast Crossover!

We’ll be back with a new episode this weekend, but in the meantime, why not sate your thirst for all things Flop by listening to our guest spot on friend-of-the-show Andy Rocco‘s podcast, Here to Help (along with very funny stand-up/improvisor/actor Sean Conroy)? Why not indeed? Stick it in your ear-holes!

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Live Appearances Alert!

First off, if you’re visiting to see if we’ve posted a new episode: the next show won’t be up until December 21, due to holiday whiz-bangs and flungers, cabdabblers, and smendlers, and such.  Our apologies.But the great news is you can see us BEFORE then, if you come to the UCBEast in NYC on December […]

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Podcast Guest Alert

Dan guested on Andy Rocco’s podcast, “Here to Help” along with stand-up comic Nick Vatterott and Jon Benjamin Has a Van co-creator and former SNL writer, Leo Allen. You may remember Andy from when he sat in on the Gooby episode of The Flop House, and now Dan has returned the podcasting guest favor by […]

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