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EPISODE #376 – Morbius, LIVE!

Covid has kept us from in-person live shows for more than two years, but last weekend we made our triumphant return at The Bell House in Brooklyn, and we hope to line up more soonish (in addition to keeping the odd streaming show)! What could possibly live up to that event status? Uh… how about a LIVING VAMPIRE? We discuss Morbius! Fangs to all who came out in person!

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Episode #375 – Short Circuit 2, with Ben Hosley

Episode 275 is ALIVE! We keep raiding Blank Check for some of our finest guest stars, which is why it was only a matter of time before we’d add “America’s finest film critic,” Ben Hosley, to that list. And Ben asked if he could do “that stupid robot movie from the 80’s,” and following a brief round of “Is THIS the Film?, Dan figured out that Ben was asking for Short Circuit 2. Thus it twas spake. Thus it came to pass.

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FH Mini 59 – Missed That Movie: Virtual Obsession

It may SOUND like a Cinemax film from the 90s, but Virtual Obsession was actually a 3-hour ABC television EVENT, starring Peter “Caterpillar Brow” Gallagher, Mimi Rogers, and Bridgette Wilson, and directed by Mick “I Know Stephen King” Garris. Will Dan be able to convince Stu and Elliott that they’re sad they missed it?

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