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Episode #426 – Boat Trip, with Alonso Duralde

Alonso Duralde, of our sister Max Fun podcast Maximum Film and many other projects joins us to discuss something that is, technically, a film, and not a pile of feces. But it’s a tough call! In honor of Pride Month and also Alonso’s new book Hollywood Pride, our guest pitched us some bad LGBTQ+ themed movies, and (in lieu of trashing some failed films with their hearts in the right place) we decided to critique one of the most retrograde comedies of the 2000s: motherfucking Boat Trip. Did we regret this decision? Ask us when we’re done crying and trying to wash off the stink.

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FH Mini 104 – Computer Games

Elliott quizzes the other Flop House boyz ™ about movies featuring modern society’s biggest achievement and greatest bane — computers!

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The Flop House on The Novelizers

Dan and Elliott jack into the Matrix to hijack someone else’s podcast! The Novelizers takes a beloved film, gives each scene to a TV comedy writer to┬ánovelize, and then gives those scenes to a comedian or actor to narrate. Plus interviews with the people who (may or may not have) made the original film. This episode has a chapter WRITTEN BY DAN MCCOY and READ BY JOHN HODGMAN! It also features an improvised interview with some people who “worked on the Matrix” (actually ELLIOTT KALAN and DAN MCCOY PLAYING SILLY CHARACTERS!)

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