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Episode #409 – Mafia Mamma, with Hallie Haglund

When a film hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s a-mamma. Christmas came early for Stuart this year, as we FINALLY get to discuss his new favorite movie, Mafia Mamma. And to sweeten the deal, everyone’s favorite Flop House sometime-co-host and star of the show, Hallie Haglund, dropped by to join in the […]

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Episode #408 – Waterworld, with Todd Vaziri

Special effects WIZARD Todd Vaziri joins us to discuss a flop so EPIC it had multiple nicknames about how it was a flop (but still has some pretty great special effects). That’s right, we’re discussing 1995’s infamous bomb: Waterworld! And don’t worry, fans of more recent bad movie discussion — next episode we leap Back to the Present with a discussion of Mafia Mamma.

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