Episode #93 – Green Lantern

You didn’t think we’d let 2011 end without getting you a holiday gift, right? Well, in this episode we take on one of the biggest flops of the past year, Green Lantern.  Meanwhile, Elliott throws down the gauntlet to Green Lantern comics fans, Stuart would rather talk about “The Core,” and Dan somehow gets even more creepy. Plus: the long-awaited FLOP HOUSE ORIGINS.

0:00 – 0:32 – Introduction and theme.
0:33 – 2:56 – The usual bullshit.
2:57 – 36:23 – Look! Up in the air! It’s a Granny Smith apple! It’s Kermit! No, it’s the GREEN LANTERN!
36:24 – 40:20 – Final judgments
40:21 – 52:55  – Flop House Movie Mailbag
52:56 – 56:25 – We plug our LIVE EVENT.
56:26 – 57:52 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of The Green Lantern

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Flop House Plugs Corner

Our second true LIVE FLOP HOUSE EVENT will be taking place on January 20th at 92Y Tribeca.  We will be screening the John Cena/Renny Harlin joint 12 Rounds.

200 Hudson Street, NY, NY

* * *

Elliott will be screening the Don Siegel-directed, Clint Eastwood-starring Civil War southern gothic shocker The Beguiled, on Wednesday, January 4.

200 Hudson Street, NY, NY
Part of the series Closely Watched Films

* * *

Check out this short humor piece that Dan wrote for McSweeneys. It’s holiday-themed, and Christmas is this week. It’s almost as if it was planned that way!

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December 21st, 2011



  1. Ryan DSC says:

    Flop House or Jeans?

  2. Matt Wolf says:

    So did one of the Floppers have gas or was that round exercise ball that Dan was sitting on subtley make a low, rumbly, squeaky noise throughout the entire podcast? Am I the only one to notice this?

  3. Matt Wolf says:

    Also, I heard Stuart talking smack about MVC3 Magneto in the outro, so I am taking this as a challenge to 12 rounds of MVC3 over the internet. Bring it Stu! Choose your weapon PS3, Xbox 360 or sword canes at dawn.

  4. blogarooni says:

    Holy crap! My letter was read! And I was thanked!!!! DONATE

  5. Gary Ancheta says:

    If you’re looking for a Green Lantern movie that actually takes all of your suggestions of what would make a better GL movie, check out the animated The New Frontier. It does everything you asked for a GL movie (even builds up Hal Jordan in a neat 1960s way) while also having a great performances of Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris and David Boreanez as Hal Jordan. Great Great animated movie.

  6. Matt Wolf says:

    Gary is right although I also like the Green Lantern: First Flight movie. The problem with the live action one is that it is just so boilerplate. Nothing is approached with any originality; it’s all so safe and predictable as to end up being bland. And too much goddamned CGI.

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