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FH Mini 91 – Best Horror Villains, Part 1

Stuart leads Dan and Elliott in a discussion ranking the iconic horror movie villains — and the conversation was so fruitful, we decided to split it in two parts, with the second to come later this Shocktober!

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Episode #406 – Ghoulies

Well, they said they’d get us in the end, and I guess they were right! We couldn’t avoid those little beasties anymore, and decided to kick off our 80’s flashback Shocktober with the oft-mentioned, but never fully discussed tiny creature feature Ghoulies!

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Episode #405 – The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven

We’re having an absolutely legendary Smalltember. First we covered The Legend of the Titanic, and now we’re looking into The Legend of the Roller Blade Seven. Apparently they’re legendary, but forgive us for being unfamiliar until now. It was made using a system RB7 star/co-writer/producer Scott Shaw dubbed “Zen Filmmaking.” According to his wiki, this is a “style of filmmaking where no screenplay and scripts are used in the creation of a movie.” We’ll see if getting zen delivers a good movie, or whether it’s better to… y’know… write things out and plan them ahead of time.

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Episode #404 – The Legend of the Titanic

Due to the ongoing WGA – SAG/AFTRA strikes, we’re hitting pause on current releases, and focusing on some films 90’s kids will remember. And while we doubt most Smalltember(vember?) movies are union signatories, we decided to keep the train a rollin’ anyway and make this a 90s flashback Smalltember! We kick it off with 1999’s Italian-Korean-American co-production The Legend of the Titanic — a bizarre attempt to cash in on James Cameron 1997 mega-blockbuster Titanic, in the form of an animated film featuring a similar star-crossed romance, but with a lot more talking animals.

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Episode #403 – Wild Wild West

Due to the ongoing refusal of the AMPTP to negotiate in good faith with the WGA or with our union brothers and sisters in SAG/AFTRA, we’re hitting pause on discussing current releases, and focusing on some films 90’s kids will remember. This week, we talk Wild Wild West (the 1999 movie version of the 60’s sci-fi western TV show) a blockbuster mega-bomb that nearly ended multiple careers!

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