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FH Mini 31 – Stu Sees Saws

Stu’s always asking if we’d like to play a game, so it was probably only a matter of time before he’d turn to the topic of Saw. He recently ran the series, and wants to talk to Dan and Elliott about it. And what would any Saw-related media be without a twist? In this case, a radical shift in the episode after the ads. We hope you enjoy!

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FH Mini 30 – The Sleuth About Cats and Dogs

In honor of Housebroken, the TV show that’s kindly employed Mr. Elliott Kalan for part of this lousy quarantine (premiering 5/31 on Fox), Elliott quizzes the others about their preferences, to determine Dan and Stu’s perfect pop culture pets

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Episode #343 – North, with Matt Singer

Editor of ScreenCrush, Matt Singer stops by The Flop House, and weirdly, he didn’t want to talk about Gymkata. Instead, he forced us to experience North, the movie that Roger Ebert hated SO much that he named his book of bad movies after his review.

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Episode #342 – The Country Bears

Hello everyone. We did The Country Bears. For you. THE COUNTRY BEARS. For YOU. It’s PURE JOY. Pure joy for MAX FUN DRIVE 2021. If you have the inclination and the means, please become a member at! We love you, listeners!

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Episode #341 – Godzilla vs. Kong, with Zander Cannon

From the dawn of time, humankind has dreamed of watching a giant lizard wrestle a big ape. Well, now humankind has Godzilla vs. Kong. Did it live up to our dreams? We enlisted the creator of Kaijumax, Zander Cannon, to help untangle our thoughts, as we spin along on this hollow Earth.

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