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Episode #381 – Countdown (2019)

We talk about Countdown, the film about a killer app. Imagine the terror of ordering what you think will be a delicious plate of mozzarella sticks only to have them viciously… what? It’s the OTHER type of app? Aw man. An Internet-based horror movie? Those are never good? Will this one break the curse?

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Episode #380 – Orphan: First Kill, with Hallie Haglund

The star of the show, Hallie Haglund, returns to talk about ANOTHER adorable moppet, that incorrigible, family-killin’ Esther, who’s back 13 years later, for a prequel, where she’s even younger! A big swing, fer shure — does the inaccurately-named Orphan: First Kill pull it off? Find out in the first episode of SHOCKTOBER 2022!

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Episode #379 – Pinocchio: A True Story

For our second and final Smalltember(vember?) show of 2022, we talk Pinocchio. No, not that one. Not that one either. The Russian one with Pauly Shore. Is that a thing that exists, and not just some weird chain of words we strung together? Apparently! We watched it, so unless it was a collective bi-coastal hallucination, it’s real! And we had to watch it, so now you have to listen!

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FH Mini 63 – The Peach Pit

Stuart welcomes Dan and Elliott to “The Pitch Pit,” his Flop House after-show, which is definitely a long-running podcast and not just something he made up for this mini.

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Episode #378 – Amityville in Space

Even though the last few years may have made everyone feel unstuck in time, there are still some things you can depend on — namely that, come the fall, Dan and Elliott will argue about whether it’s Smalltember or Smallvember. Anywhooo, we kick off the smallest time of year with Amityville in Space, the movie that dares ask the question “What if Amityville… but in space?”

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