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Episode #401 – Book Club: The Next Chapter

When last we saw our book club pals, they were getting all horned up and making life changes based on 50 Shades of Grey. Now that they’re reading The Alchemist, we can only assume they’re out there exerting their control over the elements. Join us as we explore this exciting new addition to the “Jane Fonda hangs out with 3 other elderly actresses” cinematic universe!

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FH Mini 85 – The Peach Pit 3: Art & Coffee

Stuart brings back the Peach Pit, everyone’s favorite after-show about The Flop House, to quiz The Original Peaches about our opinions on fine art and answer a few questions straight from Stu’s DMs.

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Episode #400 – Troll 2

It’s a goddamn milestone — 400 mainline episodes over 16 years of The Flop House! (And that’s not counting all of the FH Minis, and the Movie Minutes of yore!) Thus, we took a break from our usual modus operandi of watching less-artistically-successful modern movies, and we treated ourselves with one of the classics of the bad movie canon (so much so that it’s the topic of the extremely enjoyable documentary Best Worst Movie). That’s right: we’re talking about TROLL 2, the film that has absolutely nothing to do with the original Troll other than a title and a fondness for rubber creatures!! It’s been memed! It’s been giffed! And now it’s been Flop Housed!

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FH Mini 84 – The Peach Boys Smile

Dan leads Elliott and Stuart in a discussion of the non-movie things they do to stay happy and sane. (But don’t worry, film fans — there’s still plenty of movie talk scattered around. We can’t help ourselves!)

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Episode #399 – The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Is this the most popular, highest-grossing movie we’ve ever done? Possibly! We’re too lazy to put in the legwork to check. Why don’t YOU do it, for a school project about statistics or economics or some shit. Anyway, the point is, we used the “or CRITICAL flop” loophole (42 on Metacritc) so we could watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Don’t at us. Or do, whatever, we’re not your dad.

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EPISODE #398 – Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

We’ve talked about the Sony corner of Marvel more than once, but the relative high quality of MCU movies has saved them from our scrutiny… until now! What did we make of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, a film whose very title is a pain in the ass to type out for these show notes? Listen to find out!

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