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FH Mini 43 – FlopTails Part 1, with Zhubin Parang

playing game. Listeners may already be familiar with the Hogsbottom Three from our appearance on The Adventure Zone, or from bonus episodes only available on the Maximum Fun member feed. (If you want to listen to the latter, consider becoming a MaxFun member!) This adventure is kind of like those, except what if our characters were cartoon dogs?

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Episode #356 – The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee, with Ben Harrison

Hey, remember Crocodile Dundee? Remember him? Croc? Ol’ Mick Dundee? Remember? Crocodile? Crocky D? Anyone? Well, The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee is about how no one remembers Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan, and he’s also somehow the most important star in Hollywood. Take this strange journey with us, and with our delightful guest Ben Harrison, of The Greatest Generation.

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Episode #355 – Breaking News in Yuba County

Here we are in No-vember, best known for having “no” theme. And we kick the month off with one of the most star-studded movies that absolutely made no cultural footprint whatsoever that you could hope to see — Breaking News in Yuba County.

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Episode #354 – The Unholy, with Gillian Flynn

We’re joined for a second Shocktober by Edgar Award-winning bestselling author, screenwriter, and secret bad movie fan Gillian Flynn, to discuss The Unholy, a horror movie about a Three’s Company-level name misunderstanding.

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