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Episode #415 – Gigli, LIVE from SF Sketchfest!

In case you hadn’t heard through one of our many annoying-but-necessary-to-our-livelihood plugs, The Flop House has been on tour! That’s why, instead of getting a normal Flop House mini, on this mini-saturday, you’re getting this slightly-shorter FULL EPISODE! Recorded live at Cobb’s Comedy Club (who were so nice to us) as part of San Francisco Sketchfest, here’s our discussion of legendary 2003 megabomb, Gigli!

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Episode #414 – Kangaroo Jack

We’re currently on the road as part of our “Errors Tour,” so we don’t have many show notes other than to say for this episode we flashed back to legendary bad movie Kangaroo Jack, and it’s a hot one!

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Episode #412 – Leave the World Behind

Apologies for the slightly slow appearance of this episode. Holidays, travels, and sickness all played a part, but it’s here now! We discuss the latest Netflix hit(?) and one of Obama’s favorite movies of the year (?!?)┬áLeave the World Behind

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Episode #411 – Santa with Muscles, with Alonso Duralde

You’ve heard about Santa? But have you heard about SANTA WITH MUSCLES? No? Well, that’s probably for the best, but we discuss it anyway, with the aid of our ace Christmas correspondent, Mr. Alonso Duralde, who’s become a holiday tradition around these parts.

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