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Flop House Cribs!

Okay, so this wasn’t actually produced for The Flop House, but rather to promote Elliott’s 92Y Tribeca screening series, but if you ever wanted to see how 1/3 of The Flop House lives (hint: large) then now’s your chance:

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The Flop House is on Medical Leave

Sadly, while this would normally be one of the Flop House’s “on” weeks, there will be no new episode this weekend. Why? Because Dan is going UNDER THE KNIFE. What’s wrong with him? Well, if Dan were to listen to the part of his brain that craves outpourings of attention and sympathy, he would tell […]

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Elliott Promotes His Next Screening

My next film screening at 92YTribeca is going to be another good one, an underseen classic of Japanese cinema: It’s called “Kill!”, and it’s not as violent as it sounds (though it does have a lot of sword-fighting in it). It’s a very fun movie, and I’m going to be joined after the screening by […]

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Dan Live Blogs the Oscars for the Writer’s Guild at FireDogLake

I have been asked by the Writer’s Guild to join a group of far more distinguished writers than myself in live blogging the Academy Awards this Sunday evening. You can follow it on the “La Figa” blog on the FireDogLake site. So if you enjoy the sort of film commentary you get here, but would […]

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Underrated Movies? Here Are Dan’s Picks

My buddy Matt is the proprietor of of an excellent blog called Cockeyed Caravan, devoted to highlighting underrated or underseen films. Recently he’s asked various luminaries and/or people he knows to contribute their own list of movies. I think you can see where this is headed: you can see my list HERE. Thanks to Matt […]

Elliott the Renaissance (Voice of a) Man

You may associate Elliott’s expressive pipes with The Flop House, but did you know he was the announcer for The Daily Show “Decider” segments? Check a couple of them out here, in this collection of their greatest comic book moments.

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Movie Minute #35 – Best Picture Decimal System

TEN BEST PICTURE NOMINEES? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?! Press the play button above to listen to this episode. Download it here, or paste into iTunes (or your favorite podcatching software) to have new episodes delivered to you directly as they’re released.

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