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Flop House Fan Art Corner

Flop House superfan Matt Carman came up with these horrifying images, depicting what the gang might look like in the hideous world of Delgo. Thanks (?) Matt, and know that if we end up dismembered in a ditch, with green makeup on, you’re the first one the cops will visit. “DANGO“ “ELLGO“ “STUART WELLGO“

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The Flop House is Taking Thanksgiving Off

No new show this week, but in the meantime why don’t you enjoy this video from Flop House co-host Dan (and Flop guest host Matt Koff). You’ll like it–it has a bunch of Thanksgiving stuff in it. And also vampires.

Apologies for the Delay

This week’s movie minute will probably not be posted until tomorrow, as Dan was awoken at 4 am last night to the insistent doorbell-ringing of the police, who wanted to alert us that some assholes… er, I mean, tenants… left the apartment building doors wide open. Thus, he is currently not in the mood to […]

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The Flop House LIVE at the UCB Theater New York

Hey everyone who checks this blog in-between new podcast episodes* and also lives in New York City and also doesn’t mind going to a comedy show at midnight (we realize this is an ever-shrinking segment of our audience) — the Flop House is gonna do a LIVE appearance at the UCB theater in New York […]

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Technical Difficulties

A storm knocked out the Internet at Flop House Central (TM) for a good chunk of the week, so we opted not to do a movie minute, as it wasn’t clear if we’d actually be able to post it. However, the issues are now resolved and we’re back online, so look for a new full-length […]

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Paul Blart: Mall Clop

In honor of my inability to speak correctly, Flop House superfan Matt put together this fan art depicting an alternate-reality version of the Kevin James security guard vehicle.

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