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Underrated Movies? Here Are Dan’s Picks

My buddy Matt is the proprietor of of an excellent blog called Cockeyed Caravan, devoted to highlighting underrated or underseen films. Recently he’s asked various luminaries and/or people he knows to contribute their own list of movies. I think you can see where this is headed: you can see my list HERE. Thanks to Matt […]

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Elliott the Renaissance (Voice of a) Man

You may associate Elliott’s expressive pipes with The Flop House, but did you know he was the announcer for The Daily Show “Decider” segments? Check a couple of them out here, in this collection of their greatest comic book moments.

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Movie Minute #35 – Best Picture Decimal System

TEN BEST PICTURE NOMINEES? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?! Press the play button above to listen to this episode. Download it here, or paste into iTunes (or your favorite podcatching software) to have new episodes delivered to you directly as they’re released.

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Flop House Side Project Corner!

In the absence of a new movie minute this week (and the last several alternate weeks–something which will be addressed in the next full episode) we present a couple of notable non-Flop House projects from the busy Flop House crew. First off: Elliott has an article in Popular Mechanics! Yes, that Popular Mechanics! The popular […]

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Elliott Interviewed on

Jet-setting man of mystery, professional raconteur, and amateur gadabout Elliott Kalan is a busy man, and he’s just added another notch to his belt of cultural achievements (we tried to tell Elliott that belts are there to keep your pants up, not to measure your socio-artistic relevancy, but he was too busy tripping over his […]

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I Love Bad Movies Release Party

It’s not the Flop House meet-up we promised, but podcast superfans Matt and Kseniya are having a release party at Stuart’s favorite watering hole, Sharlene’s, for issue two of their old-fashioned-printed-on-actual-paper zine “I Love Bad Movies,” featuring writings from some of the Flop House crew. There’s a 90% chance that the whole team will be […]

And a Floppy New Year!

Yes, we’re still on holiday break. Why not use this time to catch up on all those Gossip Girls on your DVR, or empty your toaster crumb tray, or something? But fret not: we will be back with a full episode next week. In the meantime, listen to The Zombies as they sing wistfully about […]

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Merry Christmas! Your Gift is No New Episode!

Hey everyone! Since Dan is off celebrating the birth of sweet baby Jesus, Stuart is sacrificing a virgin to appease the old ones, and Elliott is probably eating take-out Chinese food somewhere (if the movies have taught us anything about what Jewish people do at Christmas), there will be no new episode this week. In […]

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