Elliott Interviewed on Marvel.com

Jet-setting man of mystery, professional raconteur, and amateur gadabout Elliott Kalan is a busy man, and he’s just added another notch to his belt of cultural achievements (we tried to tell Elliott that belts are there to keep your pants up, not to measure your socio-artistic relevancy, but he was too busy tripping over his trousers to pay us any heed).

Namely, he has been interviewed by Marvel.com, the Internet wing of Marvel Comics (purveyor of fine power fantasies for teenagers both young and old) about his famous fanboyism*, meeting our president, and the super-secret story he wrote TO BE FOUND IN AN UPCOMING MARVEL COMIC!

He was also kind enough to take a break from his big-time lifestyle to mention a certain podcast in his bio. What a swell guy. Why not go read his interview?

*According to the link list of previous famous fanboys, Elliott is now a notable personality on par with Kristen Bell. Perhaps. Although if that’s the yardstick, he’s severely lagging behind in the area of pixieish adorability.