Episode 253 – The Snowman

Mister Police, you could have saved us from watching The Snowman. You gave us all the clues. Meanwhile, Elliott takes us behind the scenes at Shrek, Stuart bravely reveals his medical syndrome, and creepo Dan McCoy is a creepy creep.

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There is literally nothing we could write here that’s funnier than the poster.


















Wikipedia synopsis for The Snowman

Movies recommended in this episode

Southern Comfort

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March 17th, 2018



  1. BobFromPineCreek says:

    I think crappy B-level horror movies were the only films worthy enough to grace with a lenticular cover. Jack Frost and Uncle Sam are the only two VHS movies I remember ever doing that.

  2. Peg R says:

    Hi Guys –
    Just after listening to the first part of this episode, I picked up again watching the Netflix series “Occupied.” I recommend it to you –Jo Nesbo is one of the creators, your Snowman author. It’s Norwegian with subtitles – no faux Nordic actors, just using the setting premise as you describe in Snowman. I am re-watching season 1, as Netflix just released season 2, and given the time gap in the release, I couldn’t remember the premise and plot sequences. But, I am enjoying re-watching it — excellent lead actors and not too unrealistic a premise — the EU uses the Russians as thugs to get Norway to produce all and gas again. (The only unrealistic part is that the U.S. is energy independent and has no ‘dog in the fight.’) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4192998/

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with Data Caps: https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode253TheSnowmanLoBitrate

  4. Alfje17 says:

    Many Thanks!

  5. C says:

    The movie that makes you go to its website for the ending is The Devil Inside. Never has a podcast goof-em-up made me happier; your difficulty in even recalling it means that you have healed, have moved on from that trauma and left it in the past – there was a time when angered (or at least mildly annoyed) references to it weren’t rare, and now it’s all but forgotten.

    Also, Stu’s One Punch Man joke was great. Keep up the references to awesome, crazy anime.

  6. Gerald Fnord says:

    How has ‘Wish them into the porn field!’ never made it into an episode—OR HAS IT?!

    Here’s my vote for translating signs and no Norwegian accent: Norwegians don’t see their signs as being in a foreign language, and don’t hear ‘a Norwegian accent’, though I’m sure there are city, sophisticated, rural, Faroe, Sami &c. accents for which they might try to find U.S. equivalents. As to ‘Why not just translate the action to Minnesota?’, I’d say that the plot has Norwegians being and acting in ways that Minnesotans might not, e.g. there, out-of-wedlock children in the middle class are supposedly not given grief for it, or so U.S. conservatives love to whinge.

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