Episode #240 – Sicilian Vampire

It’s Smalltember Small-Stars, with a return to Frank D’Angelo, the Canadian energy drink magnate and bad movie savant behind No Depo$it. This time we discuss his undead Italian saga, Sicilian Vampire. Meanwhile Stuart is on about millennials, Dan poses a salient point about bananas, and Elliott is bound and determined to go through this movie beat-by-beat.

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“Frank, I think we need to talk to you about this poster you ordered…”
“Whaaat, it’s poifect!”

Wikipedia page for Sicilian Vampire

Movies recommended in this episode

Last Embrace


Oct. 8 – The whole gang in Los Angeles, at the Regent Theater

Oct. 21 – The whole gang in Toronto, at the Royal Theater

Dec. 9 – The whole gang in San Francisco, at the Marines Memorial Theater

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September 16th, 2017



  1. Fake Name says:

    Sicilian Vampire has a score of 8,2 at IMDB. Higher than The Princess Bride, Rocky and Annie Hall.

  2. Vardulon says:

    I’ve made a low-bitrate version of the episode for people with data caps!

    You can find it here –

  3. Christoph says:

    For a second I was wondering why you guys would do a movie no one has ever heard of. Then I saw the cast.

  4. oscillator says:

    Guys, this movie has a 8,2 rating on IMDb. Granted, only 8500 votes but that’s still a lot. How is this possible? Did Frank D’Angelo pay a bunch of people to give it a 10??

  5. Katerade says:

    First, Dan I want to hear about your Season 3 twin peaks feelings. Was this new ending anymore settling? Second, at my job a scrotum was ripped open. I had to call for help and I described the scene as bloody out of pure assumption. I was quick corrected by the guy I called for help from that there wouldn’t be blood. I was driven to the site of the accident and there was no blood. I told my dad the story and he let me know from experience in Vietnam that there would be no blood with a split scrotum. Now one ripped off… Idk.

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