Episode #241 – Pass Thru

Smalltember Small-Stars concludes with Pass Thru, a.k.a. us revisiting the endless well of crazy that is Neil Breen, the lumpy messiah-complex-ed Las Vegas architect who’s also a one-man moviemaking factory. Will we be as charmed by him this time around? Meanwhile, Stu rails against those who rail against political correctness, Dan reveals childhood spider trauma, and Elliott is under attack by helicopters.

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Is this a movie poster or the cover to a religious pamphlet?

Wikipedia page for Neil Breen

Movies recommended in this episode

Inside No. 9


Oct. 8 – The whole gang in Los Angeles, at the Regent Theater

Oct. 21 – The whole gang in Toronto, at the Royal Theater

Dec. 9 – The whole gang in San Francisco, at the Marines Memorial Theater

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September 30th, 2017



  1. Wildride says:

    I mean, you seemed to have missed the most obvious breakfast-is-the-most-important-meal-of-the-day movie: The Breakfast Club. It’s even got breakfast in the title.

  2. Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with data caps!



  3. Morden says:

    Oh — My — God! Thank you Stu, for mentioning the Demolition Man Taco Bell / Pizza Hut swap. I saw this movie in Poland, and even though they for some reason have used the audio for Pizza Hut in the movie theaters, the subs read “Taco Bell”.

    Back then, neither Pizza Hut nor Taco Bell were brands people in Poland knew, but I reacted to the lips being out of sync with the speech, and to the wrong subs. For years it bothered me. Like, what the hell? Why? Why would anyone do that, and in Poland as well. I thought it was just one of those unexplained, weird things. I never bothered to google it after we got google.

    Now I know! How totally and utterly bizarre. Thanks again, Flop House!

  4. Gerald Fnord says:

    A blowtorch flame in strong sunlight can be nearly invisible; it’s entirely possible that the terrible-C.G. flame was an attempt to correct for this, sort of the equivalent of the sword-drawn-from-a-scabbard noise dubbed into endless samurai and ninja movies, where actual such would try to draw soundlessly.

    Oh, and when some guy starts raving about the ‘bankers’….

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