Episode #212 – No Depo$it

Smalltember/vember begins with a movie none of us had heard of until a couple of Canadian listeners pressed a blu-ray into our hot little hands: No Deposit. Meanwhile Elliott reveals Ringo Starr’s adventures in New Jersey, Stuart sends a giant child straight to the circus, and Dan delivers a line that should NOT be taken out of context.

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Even the poster is Smalltember-y.

Even the poster is Smalltember-y.

NO WIKIPEDIA SYNOPSIS for No Deposit. So here’s a page for Frank D’Angelo.

Movies recommended in this episode:

Demolition Man
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Pather Panchali

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September 3rd, 2016



  1. Wildride says:

    “I mean, c’mon, it’s not like anyone would ever say something like, ‘I’ll have a think about that’ or anything. What?!? Chinook expression you say? Well then I guess’another think coming’ does make sense.”

    I’ll give you chomping at the bit because it means exactly the same thing as champing, which is the actual expression.

  2. Wildride says:

    Common, not Chinook. Stupid Swype typing!

  3. Elliott Kalan says:

    I stand my original stance!

  4. Elliott Kalan says:

    Damn, I meant “stand BY my original stance”. This comments thread is cursed!

  5. F.Drival says:

    I played this cast for my sister to get her interested. By chance, she happened to recognize the movie by the cast list. She happens to work in a hotel that often keeps many movie and tv production crews that film in the area. She confirms, that part of this movie was in fact shot in their hotel lobby.

  6. Rasklapongi says:

    Have you guys noticed the IMDB user reviews of this movie?

  7. Dave says:

    ‘Pather Panchali’ – what a great choice, one of the best films I’ve ever seen and surely the best debut film too. ‘The Music Room’ is another great early work of his.

  8. I looked up Frank D’Angelo on Spotify and while the soundtrack for the film is not there, I did find an album called “Full Circle” and heard the first track, “Living on the Edge”.

    Good lord, this man is just Bob Seger-ing all over the place!

  9. Jason Lombard says:

    So what was Elliott’s final judgement? I didn’t hear it but it seemed like bad/bad.

  10. will blagg says:

    This thread was a wild ride from start to Kalan

  11. Greg Pandatshang says:

    I would like to suggest that Flophouse fans come together to form an intentional community in the form of a new Brooklyn neighborhood to be called Dragonwyck. I think this could become Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood of all.

    P.S. For neighborhood president, I nominate the kid from Metropolitan, finally getting a chance to implement his Fourierist ideals IRL.

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