Episode #239 – Ghost in the Shell

We’re back, baby! And we’re all ready to jack into the matrix to cyber-brain download Ghost in the Shell, or something. Meanwhile, Dan goes all googly eyes, Stuart spins some controversial theories about Middle-Earth, and Elliott takes us down to his seafood restaurant.

And yes, we hear that crackling noise on Elliott’s audio too. We have no idea why it happened, but we’re working on it. Let’s hope our cross-country recording isn’t bedeviled by Gremlins.

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Is this based on one a them Annie-mays?

Wikipedia synopsis for Ghost in the Shell


Sept. 9 – No Elliott, but with Ronny Chieng in New York at the Now Hear This Festival

Oct. 8 – The whole gang in Los Angeles, at the Regent Theater

Dec. 9 – The whole gang in San Francisco, at the Marines Memorial Theater

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September 2nd, 2017



  1. Brian says:

    What became of the Philadelphia live show of ‘The Wall’?

    Also anybody else notice the pat-a-cake noises during this recording?

  2. connor says:

    did any one hear that every time Elliott talks there is a clicking sound like typing like there using a text to speech program as Elliott.

  3. Sam says:

    In which the original peaches like a movie but don’t want to come out and say it.

  4. Martin says:

    There’s something wrong with Elliots audio! Unlistenable 🙁

  5. C says:

    The robo-geishas aren’t in the original movie, but they are in the Stand Alone Complex show.

  6. Christoph says:

    At what point does Elliott also start communicating in Morse code?

  7. oopsypoopsies says:

    I feel like the initial reaction to the casting underplayed just how trashy this movie managed to be on top of that. I mean, fucking over Asian actresses in Hollywood once again was bad on its own, but to then adopt an exaggerated Japan-kitsch aesthetic that wasn’t present in the source material? It’s just such a transparent admission that, yeah, we really like Asian ‘stuff’ but have no interest in or respect for the actual people.

    That Scarlett Johansson. Woman’s got a real passion for neo-orientalist horseshit.

  8. pgershwin says:

    Hey guys,

    Fan of your podcast
    Fan of the original Ghost in the Shell Anime movie
    NOT a fan of the movie.


    I was surprised about all your comments about how ridicules the characters looked like. Such as Major’s sidekick’s eyes or her boss’s hair. That is exactly how they looked in the manga and anime.

    Like my father used to say: You can’t use a word you can’t define. You can’t criticize a movie if you don’t know the source material.

  9. Egbert Williams says:

    And right back to the beefy bitrates after a one-week reprieve. Sigh.

  10. Sam says:

    The popping sounds similar to wifi interference I encountered during some home recording sessions. I turned off the wifi on my phone and computer and the popping stopped.

    So glad that the Flops can continue despite Elliott’s move! Thanks for taking the time to do this fellas.

  11. colin gardner says:

    Elliott’s audio was unbearable, tell him to stop popping bubble wrap in the mic

  12. Joe Lastnamewirhheld says:

    In which our hero cannot download the mp3 directly 🙁

  13. Wildride says:

    Ghost in the Shell podcast sponsored by the Ghost in the Sheets: Casper Mattresses.

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