Episode #102 – Cowboys & Aliens

Hey, you got your cowboys in my aliens! No, you got your aliens in my cowboys! Meanwhile, Dan continues his trend of not being able to speak, Stuart starts (continues?) a feud with Mr. Al Madrigal, and Elliott embarks on an exciting new career in the world of retail.

0:00 – 0:31- Introduction and theme.
0:32 – 2:15 – Stu talks Puerto Rico and celebrity beefs
2:16 – 36:29 – ‘Allo ‘allo, it’s me, Danyul Craig, wot’s all these Cowboys & Aliens, then?
36:30 – 37:50 – Final judgements
37:51 – 53:00 – Flop House Movie Mailbag
53:01 – 59:21 – The sad bastards recommend.
59:22 – 1:00:30 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

AUDIO NOTE: For some reason there’s a bunch of noise of microphones being bumped in this episode. It’s quiet, but noticeable. And just when Dan finally learned how to equalize the volume of the hosts properly (one audio step forward, two steps back). He just ordered some new shock mounts for the mics, so we hope this is a one-time problem. Apologies.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Cowboys & Aliens

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May 19th, 2012



  1. I usually agree with your assessments, but in regard to this film, you guys are so full of shit. Cowboys and Aliens is fun as hell, precisely because it takes itself so damn seriously. If it was the slightest bit camp, it would be ruined. The action sequences are top-notch, and the special effects are second-to-none. I’m so sorry that there weren’t enough action sequences to pacify your tiny brains that demand an explosion every two and a half seconds. Most of your complaints come off as unbelievably nit-picky, and you obviously had a ton of preconceived notions that you demanded upon the film that were never going to be there. Compared to the total sacks of monkey shit you usually mock (thanks for tearing “The Zookeeper” a new asshole, BTW), Cowboys and Aliens did not deserve the vitriol you heaped upon it. Put me in the “Actually Enjoyed” camp, and stick with films that actually deserve scorn.

  2. Dan McCoy says:

    Dearest Internet commenter,

    Like all Internet commenters, you are clearly right, and the rest of the universe is both wrong and worthy of scorn whenever their opinion differs with yours. Thanks for correcting us on the matter of what is good.

    Warmest personal regards.

  3. Indeed, how dare I have an opinion that is different from yours, I’m so sorry! And of course, since i liked a movie that you didn’t, I must have worked on it! You found me out!

    Seriously, I do like your show, and I will continue to listen. It’s just obvious that on this rare occasion, we have a difference of opinion.

  4. Dan McCoy says:

    No, no. That was my point precisely. That we were having a difference of opinion. I was objecting to the tone of that difference of opinion — “tiny brains,” “nit-picky,” “preconceived notions,” etc.
    I actually wanted to enjoy this movie. I did not. If you did, then that’s great! Enjoy it! No need to drop by and get mad at us for not agreeing.

    Anyway, glad you still enjoy the show.

  5. Jeremy says:

    In all fairness Dan, you do have a tiny, tiny brain.

    But you were absolutely right about C&A. It isn’t the fact that the movie took itself too seriously that was the problem, it’s the fact that it just wasn’t any fun.

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