FH Mini 100! – Elliott Looks Back

Elliott takes a look back at 100 Flop House minis, and that is absolutely the only thing that happens, and no special guest arrives with any particular fixation on sandworm-related science fiction.

We partnered with StagePilot and their talented crew to film our SPEED 2 live show as a streaming event! The debut is Saturday, April 27th at 7PM ET, and the three hosts will be IN THE CHAT watching along with viewers at that time, BUT THERE IS ALSO A VIEWING WINDOW — folks can rewatch or watch for the first time anywhere between the debut and Sunday, May 19 at 11:59PM ET!

And if you happen to prefer your live shows really live, and happen to live in or near OXFORD, ENGLAND? We’ve got upcoming LIVE SHOWS for you!

fig. 1 - elliott, looking back

Download the minisode directly HERE.

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