Episode #423 – Argylle

What is the secret to Argylle?!? Is the CAT the spy? Did Taylor Swift write it?!? Is it the obvious twist that Dan guessed after a moment of thought having only seen the trailer?!? Is it that it doesn’t work at all as a movie, but at least it’s not as relentlessly boring as a lot of Flop House topics?!? It’s definitely at least two of those things!

Tonight is our SPEED 2 live show, and tickets are still available! All 3 of us will be IN THE CHAT, watching along, tonight! BUT if you can’t join us, you can watch (or rewatch) until Sunday, May 19 at 11:59PM ET!

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the greater the spy, the bigger the lie, and the later the guy, the blogger will cry

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Wikipedia page for Argylle

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