Episode 255 – The Layover

The Max Fun Drive is technically over, but if you go to maximumfun.org/donate, this weekend, it’ll still count! As for us, we watched “William H. Macy Surrounds Himself With Beautiful Women: The Movie” AKA “The Layover.” Meanwhile, Dan insults the noble profession of teaching, Elliott reminds us of that time Bill Clinton awarded a medal to a character from Con Air, and Stuart is a Layover detective, picking up all the clues.

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Sure the actors may not be known for their comic chops, but look at that wacky font!

















Wikipedia synopsis for The Layover

Movies recommended in this episode

The Blood of Heroes
The Death of Stalin
It’s Always Fair Weather

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April 14th, 2018



  1. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version of the episode for people with data caps: https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode255TheLayoverLowBitrate

  2. Jeanne says:

    The fracking Blood of Heroes! Joan Chen, mega movie star, could not be more awesome! And Rutger Hauer at probably his least lame.

  3. mogulus says:

    Been a listener back before the Gooby episode. Used to really love your cast, but lately, there’ve been way too many political jokes. I know you think they’re witty and appreciated, but no matter what side of the aisle they’re catered to, you’re alienating half of your audience.

    For the past year, i’ve probably finished maybe one or two of your episodes before just shaking my head and clicking off.

    There’s definitely a way to make political humor cross aisles and change minds. Your humor is the opposite of that. It’s divisive. It’s condescending. If you’re so passionate about current events, no one’s stopping you from making a cast about that. I’m sure your opinions are sound and you’ll definitely get an audience. But people do not come to listen to a bad movie podcast so they can hear you rip into them for voting one way when there is obviously no understanding on your part for why they did. I’m typing this comment to you as a courtesy, as I respect you. But i’ve had enough and i’m out.

    If you really want to entertain folks, you have every right to try it any way you wish. But i’m taking the time to tell you exactly why I’ve decided to remove your site from my favorites and stop checking back.

    Best of luck in the future.

    • Dan says:

      You’re the ding dong who started listening to a podcast hosted by dudes who work on The Daily Show

    • William H says:

      The rest of common sense society doesn’t need to cater to you. You voted for that bigot and yeah, nobody likes you.

    • Zachary T Schebish says:

      ^ I agree.

    • C says:

      It’s pretty great that, after all those think pieces after Trump won about how disastrous the left’s inveterate condescension and demonizing turned out to be, they didn’t learn a fucking thing. There’s no way that the country will settle for another four years of Trump, but you can bet your ass that the Republicans will continue to control Congress this November.

      • C says:

        To be clear, I am not a conservative.

        • ACP says:

          Did we listen to the same episode? What political humor was there?

          • C says:

            Honestly, I’m not quite sure! I was taking it on faith that there was some obnoxious Trump joke that I was forgetting, because the things have become invisible to me at this point, and why else would Mogulus have been motivated to type all that, but I’m also open to the idea that he was just making a mountain out of a molehill. Either way, I don’t have the time right now to relisten to the episode itself, and I’m not sure that I care enough to do so if I did.

          • TZ says:

            Elliott said he went to a rally against assault weapons. This was probably the unforgivable excessive politicized commentary that proved too much for the commenter. Not the annoying voice that never stops, or the Mike Myers-esque “i know this joke is unfunny, that’s what’s so funny about it” jokes

        • Egbert Williams says:

          I’m also not a conservative and didn’t vote for Trump, but… I second this. Many of the podcasts I like, listen to and will continue to, tend to include some pretty hacky whines thrown in on the regular. Just one example – I genuinely like Marc Maron, but he constantly asks his audience if they’re “okay” and “getting by” and somehow managing to still engage with life. I think he imagines he’s talking to compatriots in a bunker, but it rings to me more like the mewl of a child disappointed with the color of his new bike. I don’t like Trump. I’m embarrassed he’s president. But I’m not trembling and, if I were, I’m not sure crying would help.

    • Guy says:

      On the other hand, the podcast introduced the phrase “President Sex Criminal” to the lexicon, which needs to be used as often as possible, lest people forget.

      • Alfje17 says:

        I still prefer “Conman in charge”. If you’re tired of having to listen to a few political jokes, move to my side of the Atlantic: here it’s Brexit 24/7 and sadly we can’t vote it away in a few years time.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Funny how my comment about how much I like The Blood of Heroes (which actually had something to do with the show) was deleted and, yet, these lengthy whines about a few political asides remain.

    I guess this comment will also disappear soon and, maybe, so will I. I’ve listened to every, single show and I’m still listening despite the gradual lack of enthusiasm from all three of you. It might be time to pull the plug, guys.

  5. Guy says:

    You can’t tell me Daddario isn’t the name of a paternity themed pokemon.

  6. Nick Last Name Withheld says:

    More importantly, why isn’t iTunes bringing up and episodes after the fifty shades darker live episode (246)???

  7. Gristle McNerd says:

    So fun fact about Blood of Heroes, back in the mid-90s some bored college kids got together and made up a (significantly less lethal) real sport called Jugger based on that movie. It’s pretty popular in Germany, I used to play it myself and it’s a lot of fun. Plenty of videos to be found on Youtube, too

  8. Rubberduck Grillman says:

    Colonel-Commissar Ibram motherfucking Gaunt! Glory to The Emperor of Mankind, and the might of His legions of the Imperial Guard!

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