Episode #242 – Rings LIVE!

We discuss Rings, live at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A., with special guest Jordan Morris of Jordan Jesse Go!

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In-between-times, you fall asleep.















Wikipedia synopsis for Rings



Oct. 21 –  Toronto, at the Royal Theater

Dec. 9 –  San Francisco, at the Marines Memorial Theater

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October 14th, 2017



  1. Wildride says:

    I mean, the Babadouk is pretty much the pop up book version of the Ring already.

  2. Wildride says:

    “That’s not a church anymore.”
    They enter the building and are now outside of all time and space.
    “Wow. That’s really not a church, anymore!”

  3. Wildride says:

    In the tradition of Cowboys and Aliens: Poltergeist and Aliens! That’s right: It’s named after two things that are in the movie.

  4. Christoph says:

    No Stuart is always a bummer. Judas Priest references from Elliott are always great. Ripper Owens isn’t Rob Halford, but he’s an awesome dude and nailed it live.

  5. Greg Pandatshang says:

    Aw, nice! I happen to have just watched Rings a few days ago*. And now this: Ol’ Seven Days herself vs. the Seven Pounds Fan Club. The first time a coincidence like this has never befallen me. But is it a coincidence … or some kind of sign that I am Sadako’s chosen? I guess I won’t know for sure until I complete my brail course at the community college.

    *The reason I voluntarily watched Rings is that I was such a fan of the original Ringu that I read all the books and watched all the movies even though they are almost all terrible. If Rings left you hungry for more hot eyeball-on-soul action (and assuming you’ve already seen both the Japanese original and the very fine American remake) the only thing I can recommend is the prequel Ring 0: Birthday, which is not bad at all. The second Japanese sequel, which is called Ring 2, is pretty bad, but not terrible, so you could also give that a shot.

  6. Count Vadulon says:

    Clark Kent absolutely is alliterative – it’s about the sound, not the letter.

    “Clark Cymbal” isn’t alliterative, but “Susan Cymbal” is.

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