Episode #213 – Christian Mingle

Smalltember/vember continues! On this episode we discuss the feature length ad for a dating website and for God, Christian Mingle. and Stuart explains how to find cartoon porn, Dan checks his website privilege, and Elliott “Weekend at Bernies”es someone very close to him.

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Based on the website that’s based on the religion!

Wikipedia synopsis for Christian Mingle.

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Duke of Burgundy
Hard Target 2

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September 17th, 2016



  1. Laruchka says:

    Moved by Stuart’s faith, I too now await in joyous expectation the Second Coming of John Carter of Mars.
    (Was the initial attraction an impression that there was this great bar called Soom? Maybe a Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon situation, I dunno.)
    Thank you for this episode, you guys. You really did a lot with so little.
    PS Dan, I have family from Eureka, Peoria, and Chillicothe, and if I spend a lot of time with my mom/sisters, I am liable to ask for “melk” on my cereal in the morning and sleep on a “pellow” at night, for example. Solidarity, man.

  2. Wildride says:

    … Who I’ve seen naked …

  3. Da_Beerman says:

    Set in the beautiful distinct city of Turlock, California


  4. Wildride says:

    “If you don’t do things the way I say, I’ll make you burn forever. Just watch me and see if I don’t. Why are you damning yourself?!? Why are you damning yourself?!?” – Bully Jesus, probably. #SkyBullyJunior

  5. Tim says:

    *adjusts glasses* TECHNICALLY the biggest Decepticon is Predaking, which is insane because he’s made up out of six robots that turn into animals and there’s no goddamn reason animals would be bigger than construction vehicles, but here we are.

  6. Fr Mike Healey says:

    Might I suggest, in order to support Dan dealing with his condition, you replace the traditional theme month of Japanuary with a new theme month: Chanuary, when you can concentrate on the filmography of the great Jackie Chan. His films range from spookily good-bad to five wormy boners and are often quite short (I know the peaches value brevity in the art of film-making).

    Looking forward to Chanuary 2017!

  7. Linneus says:

    I know Lacey Chabert best as the star of hit video game, Sonic ’06.

  8. James G says:

    I was running ChristianMingle when Corbin Bernsen and his team made this movie. It was filmed in Turlock, CA with a few LA locations as well such as Santa Clarita (the village) and Sherman Oaks (the church).

  9. Gerald Fnord says:

    0.) Lacey Chambers was also the first voice for Meg Griffin of “Family Guy”, back when that show had at least 1.5-dimensional characters.
    1.) If you believe in John Carter as the Messiah, is the Lords’ name ‘Traci’?
    2.) Christian Mingle presumably thought they were pitching to an audience that still think sushi exotic, mothers always right, internet-based dating sketchy, and steak and chocolate cake both so the acme of ‘great food’ that a restaurant serving both at once must be the _best_. That is to say, much the same people who surprised many of us by voting the Abomination of Desolation into the Executive Mansion—whose favourite non–fast-food meal is steak and cake, and probably still would be even if they were ground together into a lumpy slurry.

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