Episode #214 – Victor Frankenstein

BOOOGENS! Shocktober begins with Victor Frankenstein, the movie that posits that maybe we don’t actually wanna see the monster that much. Meanwhile, Elliott disrespects the death of several major pop artists, Stu brings up Jackie Chan again, and Dan says some weird things about ears and hot dogs.

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Waistcoats: The Movie!

Wikipedia synopsis for Victor Frankenstein.

Movies recommended in this episode:

Mr. Right
The Howling
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

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October 1st, 2016



  1. Wildride says:

    You know what they say — Everybody covers Hallelujah: https://youtu.be/Thg-z-_BQK0 😉

  2. ThisOneHere says:

    Isn’t Elliott’s idea for a new take on the Frankenstein story pretty much just the plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

  3. Hypo-Calvinist says:

    For anyone interested in Kaijumax,Zander Cannon also did a podcast about the book.


  4. Jamal says:

    Dang it, Victor Frankenstein is alright, why must it flop

  5. Jack Lastnamewithheld says:

    In recommending Mr Right did Dan mean to suggest a film written by Max Landis (who wrote Victor Frankenstein)? A spooky coincidence for Shocktober!

  6. L. Name witheld says:

    stuart keeps mentioning hard target and i keep expecting him to say hardcore henry. constant sadness

  7. Jack Lastnamewithheld says:

    Did Dan deliberately recommend off-the-cuff a film written by Max Landis, the guy who wrote Victor Frankenstein? Or is this a spooky Shocktober coincidence?

  8. CJ says:

    I just want to say, I’d watch the fuck out of Elliot’s idea for a Frankenstein movie. It could also make a really cool comic book

  9. Germán (last name withheld) says:

    Saw it and stopped at the zombie monkey scene. It worked well enough, but truthfully, this needed to be R, and not PG-13 to work at the proper level.

  10. Hey guys, thanks for the shout-out to KAIJUMAX! I know you will never figure out who this is because I’ve covered my tracks so well, but thank you for the plug and I hope you like the upcoming 2nd trade paperback and 3rd season. And I also love Terror of Mechagodzilla with all of my withered, black heart. Thanks for a great show; it is perfect to listen to while inking pages.

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