Episode #192 – Chappie

Remember when Chappie fever swept the country, with all those pet Chappies, and tickle-me-Chappies? Meanwhile, Elliott describes a literary-technique-based dystopian future, Stuart continues to explain the Internet, and Dan just checks out for a while. Like, he totally doesn’t talk for seven minutes or something. Sorry, it was a long week.

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Movies recommended in this episode:

Dead or Alive
Drunk, Stoned, Brilliant, Dead
Premonition Following an Evil Deed

If by "humanity" you mean one neighborhood in South Africa.

If by “humanity” you mean one neighborhood in South Africa.

Wikipedia synopsis of Chappie

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November 28th, 2015



  1. Gzoref says:

    So the most famous example of Zef music would be Die Anterwood, a rap group featuring Yolanda Visser. Hey, wait, wasn’t she in this move? Yes, yes she was. Their music is so weird and intense that it sort that it becomes interesting. Kisser’s voice is babyish and disturbing, but for whatever reason I actually like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMK0prafzw0

    Also, when Stuart asked what the selling point of Robot Carnival, I thought about how one would pitch Ninja Scroll…

    -“So like there’s this gold mine that everybody wants, and then this group of ninjas goes to find what happened to a nearby town where everybody died, but then this rock monster kills them all except for the only female, who he kidnaps and graphically rapes and…”
    -“Wait, and this is a cartoon?”
    -“Yeah yeah, it’s animated. So anyways, he graphically rapes her and…”

  2. Miga says:

    You guys should totally do the new Fantastic Four next!

  3. Delta says:

    i liked chappie because I am a total sucker for robots getting emotionally abused

  4. Edward says:

    HA! Dan and I were on the same page, only I thought of Dogville instead of Breaking the Waves.

  5. Krone says:

    what were the 3 anime everyone watched in the 90s he said?

  6. Wade says:

    Best letter ever?

  7. Pierre says:

    More like crappie.

    Another interesting diversion into the world of Die Antwoord: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMVNjMF1Suo

    They collaborated with Harmony Korine on a short.

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