Episode #110 – Battleship

Wait, we thought we were watching Battleship Potemkin. Which one is this? The based-on-a-board-game-plus-there’s-aliens-for-some-reason Battleship? Oh lord. Meanwhile, Elliott discusses the social significance of “The Real Ghostbusters;” Dan invents, plays, and loses Hasbro’s “Married With Children” trivia game; and Stuart gets his rabies shots.

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Love is a Battleship.

Wikipedia synopsis of Battleship.


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September 15th, 2012



  1. wildride says:

    One thing that bugged me was how the guy ended up in command. It reminded me of JJ’s Star Trek ripoff. Someone who’s shown not aptitude or interest in being in the military, does nothing but screw up, is facing disciplinary action, yet somehow ends up in a senior position and ultimately command. It makes a mockery of military command structure and command qualification less rigorous than a volleyball sign up sheet. Are you an insubordinate asshole who can’t follow orders? Fine, you be Captain, then.

  2. wildride says:

    Also, there’s this thing where the main character is touched by the alien they capture and he gets some weird visions from him (so, ripping off Independence Day) but it’s basically a big lipped alligator moment, because he never mentions anything about it, it never comes up again and has no bearing whatsoever on the movie.

  3. Edgar Allen says:

    Thanks for reviewing Battleship, guys! I went online and rented Battleship on Friday afternoon, before I left my office at DISH. It downloaded to my Hopper and was ready to watch before I got home. This movie was pretty fun for what it was, but then again I didn’t expect too much going in. Why would I when the only way they could make this movie was by adding aliens? Without aliens you would have something like The Hunt for Red October, and there wasn’t nearly enough CGI in that movie, right?

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