Episode #105 – A Thousand Words

If you ever thought, “I’d like to watch Liar, Liar, but I’d prefer it to star Eddie Murphy and have slightly more mime,” then do we have the film for you! Meanwhile, Elliott sings even more than usual, Stuart makes dramatic facial hair judgments, and Dan does very little, as human mannequins do.0:00 – 0:37 – Introduction and theme.
0:38 – 3:57 – Some talk of Dan’s stubble and much talk of his national TV debut
3:58 – 32:45 – A discussion of A Thousand Words, the movie that we assume resulted from Eddie Murphy not wanting to learn a lot of lines.
32:46 – 35:53 – Final judgments
35:54 – 51:50 – Flop House Movie Mailbag
51:51 – 1:01:52 – The most interrupt-y sad bastards recommend ever!.
1:01:53 – 1:04:25 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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The world’s most Photoshoppy poster?

Wikipedia synopsis of A Thousand Words

Here’s the Daily Show segment with Dan’s cameo.

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And here’s LBJ talking bunghole.

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June 30th, 2012



  1. Oops. It looks like the link to the direct download didn’t get updated. This should work.

  2. Bill Clinton says:

    Thanks for the link!

  3. EmilyRSVP says:

    Do you guys ever recommend fictional Vlogs? I’m guessing not since they don’t really exist, but there is a cute one that kind of reminds me of this show’s humor. Just in case you hadn’t seen about already, it’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries http://www.youtube.com/LizzieBennet

  4. Dan McCoy says:

    The direct link is fixed. Sorry I couldn’t get to it sooner — I was out of the country.

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