Episode #104 – Atlas Shrugged

Since the last time we had Zhubin on we watched the thrillingly goofy Trespass, we needed to make it up to absent Stuart by watching the boringly boring Atlas Shrugged: Part I. Meanwhile Elliott turns his co-hosts into cutters, Dan does a dead-on impression of Atlas, and Zhubin is positively Al Madrigalian in his angling for Stu’s seat.

0:00 – 0:29- Introduction and theme.
0:30 – 2:12 – We re-introduce guest host Zhubin Parang
2:14 – 36:55 – Hey look everyone! It’s a dopey thing that people have based their entire outlook on!
36:56 – 40:34 – Final judgments
40:35 – 56:46 – Flop House Movie Mailbag
50:18 – 1:01:13 – The sad bastards recommend.
1:01:14 – 1:02:49 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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The movie that looks like a corporate logo!

Wikipedia synopsis of Atlas Shrugged: Part I

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June 17th, 2012



  1. Okay, anime fan here, I will serve your needs of knowing what those shows are. You have served me well by giving quality rambling entertainment for the last years, so the least I can do is use my pathetic anime skills for Elliot’s benefit:

    The dragon heart one is Escaflowne.

    The tomato Bruce Wayne and robot maid show is Big O.

    The surfboard giant robots and seasponge girl anime is Eureka Seven.

    The hope Spirals and Drills show is Gurren Lagann.

    And yeah, Voltron is Voltron.

    The last one either is either Zone of the Enders or a porn, I’m not sure.

    Out of all of the shows mentioned, Evangelion is probably the best, but I have to recommend Eureka Seven highly. Ignore the fact that very little of the technical details of the story are explained until the last few episodes, its mostly a very-well done love story. And the robots are very colorful so if the Flophouse crew happens to in fact be infants they will be endlessly entertained.

    Happy anime to you all.

  2. Matt Wolf says:

    Another good episode but what the heck was up with the outtake at the end? What theater was Elliott at or DVD was he watching? Maybe it’s just another anime that I haven’t seen. I also like that Dan and Elliott didn’t pronounce Evangelion right, I mean come on people it’s so obvious how to say it! Or maybe not.

  3. EmilyRSVP says:

    Okay, after school special fan here.

    Is that how we introduce our comments now?

    That film with Helen Hunt jumping out a second storey window and the girl smashing her head into a windshield was called “Desperate Lives”


  4. wildride says:

    Somewhat amusingly, Dagny will be played by another actress in part 2, assuming they make it. Now I don’t know if that means one of these is the sitcom version and the other the cop drama, or how to specify which is which. I guess the second film will be a reboot, since the first part was a flop, but they’re starting with the second part anyway. That’s some darn fine movie making, guys.

  5. I’ve heard that the reason they decided to try to make a trilogy out of Atlas Shrugged instead of doing the sane thing and condensing it down to one film is that the Rand estate requires that any adaptation have the entirety of the Galt speech. So if they ever got to film three then you’d have to sit through at least an hour of preaching. If you thought this was bad just imagine that.

  6. Somewhat amusingly, Dagny will be played by another actress in part 2, assuming they make it

    The original actress playing Dagny “went Galt”.

  7. wildride says:

    I just noticed part II is out on BluRay. I guess it’s time for the sequel, guys.

  8. PrincessConsuela says:

    Oh my gosh, all those anime references… Blue Highwind got a lot of them (or at least got the same titles I could think of) but the Voltron is actually probably Aquarion.

    If you look up on youtube, when the robots “fuse” the pilots make really… suggestive comments.

  9. Thursday says:

    Not being an anime fan at all (the last one I watched was Ranma 1/2) just looking at the descriptions provided here builds fine anticipation for this episode! Can’t wait to see how it pays off.

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