Episode #106 – Immortals

Did anyone order a visually pleasing but narratively inert movie? We need someone to sign for this visually pleasing but narratively inert movie. Meanwhile, Stuart gets cast in the perfect hard-partying cop role, Elliott recreates the pitch for ALF, and Dan is at the center of a disturbing sexual scenario.

0:00 – 0:32 – Introduction and theme.
0:33 – 32:54 – After a brief interjection from “The Top House,” we take on the perversion of Greek mythology, Immortals.
32:55 – 36:20 – Final judgments
36:21 – 51:50 – Flop House Movie Mailbag
51:51 – 1:01:52 – The sad bastards recommend.
57:19 – 59:22 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Shredded like lettuce.

Wikipedia synopsis of Immortals

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July 21st, 2012



  1. EmilyRSVP says:

    Another funny episode from all three.

    Think you might be confusing Henry Cavill with Max Irons (son of actors Jeremy Irons and SinĂ©ad Cusack (V for Vendetta, Eastern Promises) and also sort of likes like Freddie Prinze Jr.) or you might have looked at Henry Cavill’s entry on Wikipedia, noticing the “Red Riding Hood” credit.

    The Flophouse did an episode after watching 2011’s “Red Riding Hood” (with Max Irons) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1486185

    Henry Cavill was part of 2007’s “Red Riding Hood” (which has a rather neat cast including
    ‘N Sync alumni Joey Fatone as the Big Bad Wolf) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0385988

    Also seems that producers of the latest Superman feature film adaptation are taking cues from misinterpreting episodes of the Flophouse Podcast since Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch) is directing and Henry Cavill was cast as Superman/Clark Kent. Heck, they nearly cast Flophouse “Wildegate-not-Justin-Timberlake’s-girlfriend-but-his-mom-although-Justin-Timberland-still-got-over-her-death-quickly-either-way” fav Olivia Wilde as Lois Lane. http://screenrant.com/olivia-wilde-lois-lane-superman-man-steel-robf-99377

  2. N.S. Cranor says:

    I assume the Butt Squad is a division of the Female Body Inspectors.

  3. jim says:

    Gawked at many sundry chunks of this bloated loud thing on YouTube. Having read some Greek mythology I thought it was either hurtful or hilarious. Apollo with a fuckin’ hammer? What, did Vulcan use to rent his spare ones? Perhaps the mumblingness while delivering anything longer than a Twitter tweet may be a side-effect of the cast trying to emote up to the chronic density of the special effects.

    Ah, “Alf” … the heartwarming sitcom about a catmunching semi-raunchy extraterrestrial muppet – that ends with a long morbid scene of poor ol’ Alf finally being captured by the Army & thus facing his own impending dissection.

  4. Wildride says:

    “I don’t recall Darth Maul saying anything.”
    “That must come as a surprise to Peter Serafinowicz who played the voice of Darth Maul.”

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