Episode #65 – Old Dogs

Is it possible John Travolta and director Walt Becker could top Wild Hogs? Well, when it comes to Old Dogs, it depends on what you mean by “top.” Meanwhile, Stuart reveals some exciting personal news, Dan explains how this movie is the modern “Kangaroo Jack,” and Elliott previews his new one-man show at (great) length.

0:00 – 0:33 – Introduction and theme.
0:34 – 6:13 – So much talk about weddings that you’d think you were listening to three schoolgirls, if not for the World of Warcraft reference.
6:14 – 42:05 – A scintillating discussion of Old Dogs, the family film that’s fun for no ages, as well as our longest, most absurd digression yet.
42:06 – 43:03- Final judgments are handily dispensed with.
43:04 – 48:17 – Dan manages to announce our CONTEST WINNER, despite Elliott and Stu’s best efforts to not let him get the name out.
48:18 – 55:45 – The sad bastards recommend.
55:46 – 58:24 – Plugs, goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Old Dogs


Take a look at a preview of Age of Heroes #4, the MARVEL COMIC FEATURING A STORY WRITTEN BY THE FLOP HOUSE’S OWN ELLIOTT KALAN. Then go buy a copy of the full comic this Wednesday, ya cheapskate!

Check out the music of Lydia Burrell (AKA Alex Smith). He’s a friend of Flopper Stuart, and his album was produced by My Morning Jacket frontman Yim Yames. So, you know. Hipster cred.

Dan’s webseries 9 AM Meeting is an Official Selection of the New York Television Festival. Check out a screening! Tickets are free, but reservations are required (box office opens September 1).

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August 15th, 2010



  1. Cronan says:

    Congrats Stu!
    Belated congrats Elliot!

    Great podcast guys I knew this had to be a tough one.

    Chris on Long Island

  2. Cronan says:

    Way to go Dan on the 9 AM Meeting news! I enjoy them very much

  3. Robert says:

    I can’t believe you missed the opportunity to discuss the ultimate crossover show–McCoy (“I’m a social director, not a doctor, gosh darn it!”) slips through the porthole of time and saves the life of a young Joan Collins, with disastrous results for the Carrington family.

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