Episode #64 – Repo Men

Finally we get to watch a truly great movie, Alex Cox’s seminal punk classic Repo Man, which… wait, what? We’re watching Repo MEN? That piece of shit? Oy. Meanwhile, Stuart retains his man of mystery status by not revealing where he’s working, Elliott gives us anecdote after delightful anecdote about Tommy Wiseau, and Dan reveals a secret plot to repossess Abraham Lincoln’s organs.

0:00 – 0:33 – Introduction and theme.
0:34 – 27:35 – Jude Law and Forrest Whittaker repossess both our will to live and to discuss the movie Repo Men.
27:36 – 33:19 – Final judgments, and Elliott’s rambling Lethal Weapon 2 digression.
33:20 – 49:04 – A brimming Flop House Movie Mailbag.
49:05 – 58:50 – Instead of recommendations, Elliott gives us a firsthand report on San Diego’s ComiCon.
58:51 – 59:41 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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