Episode #54 – Gamer

Don’t hate the player; hate the game. On second thought, hate the Gamer. Meanwhile, Dan laments the downfall of the previously-dependable entertaining-trash team of Neveldine/Taylor, Matt finds his new super-muscular bĂȘte noir, and Elliott comes up with a much wackier way to end an already wacky movie.

0:00 – 0:36 – Introductions and Theme
0:37 – 33:42- We welcome Matt Koff, our second guest host of a still-young 2010, and we introduce him to a rising star named Gerard Butler, in a little film called Gamer.
33:43 – 37:57 – Final Judgments (Dan: almost-good/bad bad, Elliott: bad bad, Matt: bad bad bad)
37:58 – 48:38- A very navel-gazing movie mailbag.
38:39 – 51:47 – Two out of three sad bastards recommending aint’ bad.
51:48 – 52:37 – Goodbyes, theme, and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Gamer