The Flop House: Episode #40 – Friday the 13th

We come not to bury Jason Voorhees, but to praise him… or as much as you can praise anyone whose only purpose in life is to machete teens. Meanwhile Dan criticizes one of the victims’ masturbation technique; Elliott gets schooled, Woody Harrelson-style; and Stuart reveals a fondness for womens’ breasts that he has somehow managed to keep completely under wraps until now.

0:00 – 0:35 – Introduction and theme
0:36 – 39:20 – We apparently have more to say about Friday the 13th than any movie we’ve watched previously.
39:21 – 43:40- The most shocking final judgments yet.
43:41 – 51:24 – Listener mail
51:25 – 56:06 – In lieu of film recommendation, a slew of plugs, for a zine, Elliott’s film series, and Dan’s sketch group.
56:07 – 56:42 – Goodbyes, theme and outtakes.

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Wikipedia synopsis of Friday the 13th

Again, if you want to buy the I LOVE BAD MOVIES zine, with writing from both Dan and Elliott, you can do so HERE. (We get no kickback.)

Here’s a nice article about Elliott’s film series.

Here’s a link to information about Dan’s sketch shows.