All introductions

A Floptacular Interview and Some Great Links

Today was a big day for the Flop House. For one thing, we got interviewed over at the Tru TV (formerly Court TV) blog. Why not go over there and check it out? We’ll wait here. Back? Pretty cool, huh? This means we’ll soon be pulling in those basic cable numbers, from fans who clicked […]

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Meet the Floppers

Who are these people, and what are they doing on your iPod/Phone/Computer/Telekinetic Implant? Read on to find out.Dan McCoy – Producer/ Co-Host Dan McCoy got hired as a writer for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart in May 2011, rendering the rest of his resume pretty much moot. However, assuming you care, he also created/animated/acted […]

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If You Got Here From Gawker

Uh, hey. Hi. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks to Gawker for their surprising and delightful link to us. We love the attention. We bathe in it like the blood of virgins… or like something less unpleasant. Take a look around. Kick the virtual tires. We hope that you take the time to listen to […]

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