A Floptacular Interview and Some Great Links

Today was a big day for the Flop House. For one thing, we got interviewed over at the Tru TV (formerly Court TV) blog. Why not go over there and check it out? We’ll wait here.

Back? Pretty cool, huh? This means we’ll soon be pulling in those basic cable numbers, from fans who clicked over here after checking out info on their favorite Tru TV shows, like, “Caribbean Cops” and “Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel.” I have no idea what those programs are, but they sound damned exciting. Thanks to Ritch for caring enough to print our snappy answers to his stupid questions.

If you’re new to the show, based on the interview — welcome! Why not listen to a couple of shows? The Bratz, Untraceable, Wild Hogs, Premonition, and Dragon Wars episodes are all personal favorites. If you don’t have a whole hour to kill, why not check out our inaccurately-named movie minutes (which range from about 2 – 15 minutes in length)? You might like the Ziggy one that got blogged by Gawker, or this little audio sketch that presents an alternate version of the film 88 Minutes.

Also, Flop House superfan Kseniya spent a few productive sick days working up some Flop-centric Netflix lists that all of our listeners might enjoy.

First of all, if you want to play along at home, while listening to old episodes, there’s this LIST OF EVERY FILM WE’VE DISCUSSED.

Or, if you want to watch a movie you might actually enjoy, there are these LISTS OF EVERY FILM WE’VE RECOMMENDED:

Although, looking over the recommended films all together, it’s a pretty motley crew. Let me just note that many of the films were recommended as being underrated, overlooked, or for being a “good bad movie,” and NOT as being the best films we can recommend. Think of them as guidelines for the adventurous (except for those weeks when we were lazy and could only think of the name of a big blockbuster). Also, they aren’t necessarily endorsed by the whole Flop House. For instance, “300” is on there, probably because of Stuart, whereas I (Dan) kind of think it’s a piece of shit. Caveat emptor, I guess is what I’m saying.

Still, it’s fantastic to have all of these listed together, and we hope Kseniya continues to maintain these, even when she returns to full health, which we all trust will be soon.

As always, thanks for listening, and we appreciate all the kind attention. Keep it up!