If You Got Here From Gawker

Uh, hey. Hi. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks to Gawker for their surprising and delightful link to us. We love the attention. We bathe in it like the blood of virgins… or like something less unpleasant.

Take a look around. Kick the virtual tires. We hope that you take the time to listen to one of our full length episodes. We like them all, but we’re biased. You’d probably be happiest listening to one of the last couple episodes, after we improved our sound quality, and if you like those you can wade back into the deeper waters/ growing pains of the early ones.

Oh, who are we? Well, we’re a group of three friends who watch bad movies, have a few beers (well, two of us — the other is teetotal), and chat about it afterwards. In podcast form. Think of it as an ex post facto MST3K… except not so much that they could sue us.

The guy you heard doing the rapid-fire Ziggy pitch? That was Elliott Kalan, a segment producer for the Daily Show. He’s awesome. The really low-voiced guy? That’s Stuart Wellington. He has no comedy background, but he’s funnier than most. Trust us. Oh, and he’s also awesome. The other voice you hear/ guy who’s writing this post? The one who keeps using the royal we? That’s Dan McCoy, a comedy writer. He’s not so awesome, but he owns all the equipment.

Anyway, thanks for coming by. We hope you stay awhile. Or at least, that you’re not too mean to us in the comments. You did come from Gawker after all.