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Episode Six: Perfect Stranger

In this episode, the gang chats about Perfect Stranger, the top Internet chat-based thriller that was released twenty years after Internet chatting was invented. Meanwhile, Stuart engages in some creative screenplay retitling, Dan proposes a twist ending certification board, and Simon drops a personal bombshell. Download it here, or paste into iTunes (or your […]

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Episode Five: Saw III

In the second of our special Halloween episodes, the gang gets caught in the deathtrap that is Saw III. Meanwhile, Simon spins an elaborate handstand analogy, Stuart gets turned on by Icyface, and Dan offers Jigsaw’s girlfriend a little relationship advice. Download it here, or paste into iTunes (or your favorite podcatching software) to […]

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Episode Four: The Number 23

In the first of two special Halloween episodes, the team examines the sure-misfire team-up of Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher, The Number 23. Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, Simon rails against twist endings; Stuart discusses digital sex (in an analog way); and Dan can’t quite get a handle on how to name movie characters. Download […]

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Episode Three: A Sound of Thunder

The Flop House team listens to (and, unfortunately, watches) A Sound of Thunder. Meanwhile, Simon plans a diamond heist, Stu does a little Edward Burns math, and Dan apologizes for things he didn’t do… and the entire gang would rather be watching a film about a crime-fighting dinosaur. Download it here, or paste into […]

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Episode Two: Memory

In the second episode of The Flop House, the team travels deep into unexplored reaches of the Billy Zane catalogue, to unearth a repressed (or at least barely theatrically released) Memory. Meanwhile, Simon contemplates suicide, Stuart can’t seem to turn off his phone, and Dan coins a new improv troupe name. Download it here, or […]

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