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Episode Four: The Number 23

In the first of two special Halloween episodes, the team examines the sure-misfire team-up of Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher, The Number 23. Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, Simon rails against twist endings; Stuart discusses digital sex (in an analog way); and Dan can’t quite get a handle on how to name movie characters. Download […]

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Episode Three: A Sound of Thunder

The Flop House team listens to (and, unfortunately, watches) A Sound of Thunder. Meanwhile, Simon plans a diamond heist, Stu does a little Edward Burns math, and Dan apologizes for things he didn’t do… and the entire gang would rather be watching a film about a crime-fighting dinosaur. Download it here, or paste into […]

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Episode Two: Memory

In the second episode of The Flop House, the team travels deep into unexplored reaches of the Billy Zane catalogue, to unearth a repressed (or at least barely theatrically released) Memory. Meanwhile, Simon contemplates suicide, Stuart can’t seem to turn off his phone, and Dan coins a new improv troupe name. Download it here, or […]

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