The Flop House LIVE at the UCB Theater New York

Hey everyone who checks this blog in-between new podcast episodes* and also lives in New York City and also doesn’t mind going to a comedy show at midnight (we realize this is an ever-shrinking segment of our audience) — the Flop House is gonna do a LIVE appearance at the UCB theater in New York on Saturday, October 10.**

So come on out to Andy Rocco’s Hipster Show, and see the Flop House in person. Is Stuart’s penis as big as he claims? Does Elliott walk around with his Emmy around his neck, like we say on the show? Is Dan the devilishly handsome, snappily-dressed, raw sexual magnet that you’re probably imagining? Is it true that Dan is the one who updates this website? There’s only one way to find out.

Andy Rocco’s Hipster Show
featuring The Flop House live and in person

@ The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater

307 W. 26th Street

New York, NY 10001

12 Midnight – $5

*Sorry about the short notice. We weren’t sure this was happening until this week, anyway, which is why we didn’t have time to announce it on the show.

**This is also Dan’s wedding anniversary, but his wife is still letting him spend part of the evening talking about bad movies in a basement theater. Dan’s wife is a very nice lady.