The videos are in, and it’s time for the listeners to vote on who wins the Sexy Xenomorph video contest, for some FH prizes, including getting to pick a movie for us to cover!

ONE: First off, Ottilie contributes this intricate, all-puppet interpretation of our sure-to-be-hit single!

TWO: Elizabeth’s version is a delightful collage. A little bit light on pictures of Dan, according to Dan, but then she compliments his singing, so it all evens out.

THREE: Then we have this one from Lyn, with some lovely intricate model sets, populated by toy peaches and that infernally sexy xenomorph!

FOUR: Rob contributes the version below, with all kinds of computer animated folk gathering to sing the praises of dangerous alien sex.

FIVE: Finally, there’s an animated version from “Do Critters Next,” who makes no bones about what movie they’d like to see us cover!

Which will you vote for?