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The videos are in, and it’s time for the listeners to vote on who wins the Sexy Xenomorph video contest, for some FH prizes, including getting to pick a movie for us to cover! ONE: First off, Ottilie contributes this intricate, all-puppet interpretation of our sure-to-be-hit single! TWO: Elizabeth’s version is a delightful collage. A […]

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Episode #146 – B*A*P*S

Consider our debt to “He’s the Housecat (Arthur’s Theme)” music video contest winner Dan Costales paid in full! Was it worth it Dan? Was if worth the pain you caused? Making us watch the pre-Oscar Halle Berry racist stereotype comedy “B*A*P*S?” Meanwhile Elliott continually implies Martin Landau is a vampire, Stuart reveals how all males are sexually threatened by him, and Dan suggests that the Crypt Keeper should’ve come up with a better B*A*P*S twist.

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Episode #136 – ATM

Thank you ATM for blowing the lid off the all-too-common crime of ATM serial killing. Meanwhile, Stuart discovers the concept of the spoiler alert, and Elliott and Dan trade impressions of one of the most oft-imitated voices in Hollywood usurping the signature role of another most-imitated-voice in Hollywood.

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