Episode #278 – Oscar Review Special

By popular demand, we talk about all the glitz and glamor that is… OSCAR!

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Movies recommended in this episode:

Black Coal, Thin Ice
Minding the Gap

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March 2nd, 2019



  1. Gerald Fnord says:

    I’m glad to see this back—a Floptacular by any other name….

  2. Wildride says:

    I unironically love this movie. Farce is a personal favourite of mine. It used to be I couldn’t accidentally stumble on this movie playing on tv without watching the whole thing.

    Why should anyone care about St. Patrick’s day? Two words: Alcohol.

  3. Vardulon says:

    Here’s a low-bitrate version for people with Data Caps!


  4. Gerald Fnord says:

    More fool me; instead of a Floptacular, you reviewed a movie starring a soft-hearted guy with cheese in his arteries.

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