Episode #230 – Monster Trucks

We discuss the movie based on a not-really pun, Monster Trucks. Meanwhile Elliott talks about Love in an Elevator for waaay too long, Stu asks some Saved by the Bell questions, Dan’s penis habits are described at length, and we’re all sorry about the technical problems in this episode.

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We have to admit, this poster is kinda awesome.

Wikipedia synopsis for Monster Trucks

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Void
The Purge: Election Year

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April 29th, 2017



  1. Wildride says:

    I think some consideration should be given to using CGI to bring Lisa Turtle to life as a Ninja turtle character in the Saved by the Bell movie. Luke Perry plays himself, but not in this because that’s not where he’s from.


  2. Wildride says:

    Edvard Munches of Oats – The breakfast cereal that’s a Scream!

  3. *cough* BARRY Pepper *cough*

  4. C says:

    I don’t think there’s been an episode with a higher ratio of bullshit to movie discussion. You can take this equally as a compliment or criticism; I’m not really sure myself of which one.

  5. Sam says:

    This was such a strange episode to listen to, the tone and atmosphere of the podcast before and after Elliott’s announcement were so different it felt I just listened to two unrelated episodes back to back. The letter segment had some really nice questions about ambiance and what recommending a movie says about you.

  6. Gray Code says:

    Was waiting for, “I Have No Mouth And I Must Screech.” Not sure if I should be relieved or dismayed that you didn’t use it.

  7. Gene says:

    Bring back Simon Fisher as a guest host!

  8. Edward Dixon says:

    159MB to download one episode? WTF of similar length is less than 30MB! Come on, guys, figure out a way not to kill those of us on limited data plans. Hurts more than you know.

    • Vardulon says:

      That’s because WTF is encoding at a much lower bitrate. Which usually isn’t that big of a problem for podcasts, since most people can’t really hear the difference in conversation the way they can in music. Some people complain that it’s a bit more ‘tinny’ or pointed, but I’ve never personally been bothered by it. For example, here’s a link to what this episode sounds alike a 1/3rd the bitrate of normal – 64kb as opposed to 192 – https://archive.org/details/TheFlopHouseEpisode230MonsterTrucks

      • Egbert Williams says:

        I understand there’s probably less compression (or whatever, I’m no techie), but I have never had any problem enjoying WTF or other less data-hungry podcasts. The only consistently horrible sound quality in the dozens of podcasts I frequent is True Murder, which is completely abominable. Maron’s seems clear as a bell, just like the rest. The sacrifice of five times as much data certainly doesn’t seem worth some technical advantage that I can’t even detect.

  9. Confused from Texas says:

    Having not seen the full trailer or anything but a still of the titular truck, I dunno if this is a live action movie with bad cg or a bad cg movie.

  10. Digital Dude says:

    Geez, one of the few episodes I had to fast forward through part of, during elliots 15 min rant on the definition of “going down”.

  11. Egbert Williams says:


    Is there a way for me to do an initial download that uses less bitrate, like the 1/3 example you give there? If so, could you please advise? If this is something I can do, but wasn’t aware of, you may happily call me a silly goon, as I’d be very happy with that trade.

    • Vardulon says:

      I don’t know of a way to re-encode while downloading in the first place, but it doesn’t take that long to create and upload a smaller version, so if people would like it (and the flophouse doesn’t mind), I’d be happy to put 64kb versions of future episodes up on Archive.org to help out people with limited data plans.

  12. Germán Last Name Withheld says:

    There is no POPEYE’s in Los Angeles!!!

  13. Germán Last Name Withheld says:


    I’ve got a simple answer to your Harpo dilemma. When recommending Marx Bros. films you can tell your friends: “Don’t worry about the assaults on women, Harpo doesn’t really care about the ladies, he is really into horses!”

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