Episode #194 – Outcast

For this year’s Cagemas we honor both the kindly St. Nicholas Cage, and Star Wars by picking the Cage-Hayden Christiansen joint, Outcast. Meanwhile, Stuart does an ad for Clearasil, Elliott contributes his worst Popeye, and, yet again, Stu and Elliott interrupt Dan when he’s trying to do something nice for other people. Merry Cagemas.

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Special Cagemas and Cagenuka themes courtesy of Jonathan Biegen.

Movies recommended in this episode:

The Big Short
Magic Mike XXL
Bone Tomahawk


Like a couple’a airbenders or somethin’.

Wikipedia synopsis for Outcast


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December 26th, 2015



  1. Ufotofu9 says:

    Thanks guys. I took your advice and googled “Gadget Hackwrench + DeviantArt.” And what I saw was a whole layer of the internet that up to this point I had remained ignorant of.

  2. Wildride says:

    “I get disillusioned by my experience with the crusades at the beginning of the film?”
    “That’s right.”
    “Didn’t I already do this movie?”
    “You mean Season of the Witch?”
    “That’s the one.”
    “Yeah — Does it matter?”
    “Not really.”

    • Arjumand says:

      You’re absolutely right – listening to the beginning of the podcast, I had to remind myself that the other ‘Cage is disillusioned Crusader movie’ didn’t star Hayden Christensensensen.

      I love these podcasts – the Anakin riff here is hilarious, especially when we get to Anakin’s mortal enemy: sand.

  3. Andy Tuohy says:

    C’mon…how did you miss being ‘Caging Bulls’?

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  5. Gerald Fnord says:

    I think Snoopy was a World War I flying ‘ace’ because Sparky had actually _been_ in World War II, and noöne wanted to even think about Korea…W.W.I. was far enough away to be fantasy material. I think the concentric circle emblem was French.

    Snoopy’s fantasy life fits into my hypothesis that the ’60s were way weird _before_ the drugs, in fact the drugs were a coping mechanism.

    ‘Opium Master’ kung fu, analogous to the style in the ‘Drunken Master’ movies, was speculated-about. Well, in the climactic fight in “Drunken Master”, the master gives Jackie Chan’s Wong Fei-hong a boost with a drink from the liquid in his ancient, grotty, portable water-pipe, that (if a book about 19th Century martial artists is to be believed) might well have been used for opium and tobacco.

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