Episode #185 – Grace of Monaco

Straight from Cannes to Lifetime (TM), it’s the Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco. Meanwhile Elliott has a surprisingly deep well of Saved by the Bell knowledge, Dan speculates about Curly’s gold, and Stuart finds a new way to leave Dan out of things.

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Wait, this ISN'T a Chanel commercial?

Wait, this ISN’T a Chanel commercial?

Movies recommended in this episode:
The Drop
Project Nim
Obvious Child

Wikipedia summary of Grace of Monaco

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August 22nd, 2015



  1. Wildride says:

    Sound Deafness, or as we in computer science call it, deafness.

  2. Wildride says:

    Tom Hanks has to choose between two suitors while suffering from Aids which he contracted in a time traveling accident while trying to invent a cloaking device.

  3. Jason says:

    Stuart, your intuition was correct; dogfarts.com is indeed an actual domain name. You will be delighted to know, however, that the page is dedicated solely to ad space for “adult friend finding” and other such promiscuous activities including (but not limited to) “Sex Dating.” This is almost certainly because the similarly-named dogfart.com is the domain name of the Dogfart pornographic network, an adult production company specializing in interracial porn. So, unfortunately, that Elliott fan site will probably have to itself find another name.

  4. Ufotofu9 says:

    ‘Obvious Child’ was a cute movie. Its esthetic reminded me of one of my favorite Indy movies of late, “In A World.”

    I just realized that the writer, director and star of “In a World,” Lake Bell, is upping her game as Owen Wilson’s wife in “No Escape,” which is a big budget action movie about an overseas coup, and the one white, American family that must find safe haven amongst the thousands of foreigners in the background who are getting killed.

    Foreigners getting killed!? Don’t worry, I have a feeling that things will work out just fine for the white family..

  5. Spiders are cool says:

    I’d take Elliot’s concern over Australia’s poisonous animals more seriously if the USA didn’t have bears. They can open your car and eat you like a delicious tinned snack. Plus rabies. Deadly spiders can’t give you rabies.

  6. Laura says:

    You guys wondered if there is a website called dogfarts. There is. DO NOT LOOK IT UP THOUGH. Apparently dog farts are very sexy, because it’s a porn site. Gross.

  7. Lovecraft On The Love Boat says:

    I realize that this is too late for anyone to care, but I just listened to this episode. I wanted to make a tiny correction: Spanish actress Paz Vega, who is in this movie, is not the star of Nurse 3D. That would be American actress Paz De La Huerta of Boardwalk Empire fame. This mistake only bothered me because I love Paz Vega and think Paz De La Huerta seems kinda trashy. That said, given that Paz Vega appears in movies like Sex & Lucia, all your comments about her constant nudity still apply. It’s just that she’s getting naked in artsy foreign films. Anyway, you guys are the best. Love the podcast!

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