Episode #173 – Transcendence

Turns out that being Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer is not the same thing as being Christopher Nolan, as we found out when we endured Transcendence. Meanwhile Elliott explains Dan’s unusual way of reading, Stuart has a Transmorphers flashback, and Dan sings a little cow opera.

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It’s like he’s some kinda lawnmower man or something.

Wikipedia synopsis for Transcendence

Movies and TV recommended in this episode:

The Evil Clergyman
The Woman on the Beach

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This week’s outro music by Baz Last-Name-Nonexistent.

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March 7th, 2015



  1. Christopher says:

    It sucks when a really interesting concept gets destroyed in movie form. I want my Skynet body and I want it now damn it.

  2. Gzoref says:

    That letters song as awesome. You should use it. How did this get Made plays fan submitted songs all the time to introduce their segments. Someone even did an amazing Rap about for the intro.

    Btw, where does your intro music come from?


    • Elliott Kalan says:

      I believe our intro music was written specifically for us by Mr. Keith Burgun. Dan can correct me if I’m wrong about that.

  3. Gzoref says:

    Btw, what you say about Rebecca Hall is called “TV Ugly” or “Hollywood Ugly,” as stated in The Simpsons: “I wanted Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island” ugly, not Cornelius on “Planet of the Apes” ugly. TV ugly, not … ugly-ugly.”

  4. ThisOneHere says:

    Okay, who else clearly heard Dan refer to Rosario Dawson as “Cuban Miracle”? I never thought Stuart’s “Wait, what?” Mirrors puzzlement could ever be topped, but Dan’s complete bafflement at the verbatim repeating of something he just said might be the new “Wait, what?” champ.

    Thanks to Stu for the Full Moon plug, Stuart Gordon’s The Pit and the Pendulum and Meridian: Kiss of the Beast gotta be tops on my to watch list.

  5. Wildride says:

    Too many bots, too many bots …

  6. Greg says:

    This has nothing to do with this episode but I looked at the Press section on the site and the BBC one made me chuckle. It basically says “hey this a podcast”

  7. Adam T says:

    The off-topic bit around 22 minutes in is inspired.

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