Episode #174 – That Awkward Moment

It’s the MaxFun drive! DONATE HERE! And, though Stu is in Puerto Rico, we pulled out the big guns with a return appearance by Hallie Haglund! She adds some much needed perspective to the asshole-dude-based rom-commery of That Awkward Moment. Meanwhile Elliott reveals his hatred of smooth men who have a lot of sex, Dan is, yet again, accused of racism, and Hallie can’t get over the similarity between our lead actress and farts.

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Enjoy your delightful choices in young manhood, ladies.

Wikipedia synopsis for That Awkward Moment

Movies recommended in this episode:

Cold in July
All Good Things
Man is Not a Bird


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March 21st, 2015



  1. Andy says:

    Hallie’s back!!! Thanks, Peaches.

  2. Stacko says:

    Elliott you were thinking of the Whizzinator.


  3. Ufotofu9 says:

    Actually, the LifeG commercials Mikey do, As you find, for that Michy anti-anything but you will need life cereal, showing how good it is. First off, it is the children would Purposely give food if They don’t want to eat two child Amber Schild come just like the phrase feeling the upside was never used in stature, nobody says “Mikey life it.” sht the say is: “He likes it! Hey, Mikey.”

  4. Ufotofu9 says:

    Wow, text to speech is really amazing. wHere’s what I MEANt to say was:

    Actually, Elliot is correct about the Life commercials. Although I too mistakenly though the same thing that Dan thought. Here’s an uninteresting fact about a 38 year old commercial. Just as nobody ever said, “beam me up, Scorrt: of “Star Trek, nobody ever said “Mikey likes it” in this commercials.. What one of the kids says it, “He likes it! Hey, Mikey!”

    Anyways, I hope that the clears up any confusion, and we can finally put Mikeygate (other names include Lifegate and Crealgate) to bed once and for all.

  5. Wildride says:

    So, this movie is just a retelling of ShaShakespeare’s “Loves Labours Lost”, right?

  6. Edward says:

    Elliot, looking forward to the Makavejev recommendation. If you’ve not seen his other film ‘Sweet Movie’ it’s also available from that same streaming site that begins with an ‘H’ – it’s a masterpiece. Svankmajer is of the same ilk but I’ll bet you know of his work already.

  7. Wildride says:

    Cold in July is also based on the Arctic.

  8. Rollo the Viking says:

    lol. You guys mixed up the verses of Eleanor Rigby. I don’t think you owe Paul McCartney anything.

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