The Peaches Wrote a Comic Book Together!

…and it’s called “Flash Gordon’s Holiday Special!” It’s 100% written by the three Original Peaches (under the editing of Nate Cosby) — including seasoned comic writer Elliott, and newbies Dan and Stu making their national COMICS DEBUT)!


THRILL to Flash Gordon IN Jungle Bells, by Sighin’ Dan McCoy!

CHILL to Juhrg the Beast Man IN Wonders and Salvation, by Eloquent Elliott Kalan!

SPILL to Dale Arden IN Resolutions, by Sensual Stu Wellington!

It hits stands on DECEMBER 17, but why not ensure your copy by pre-ordering now?!

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November 26th, 2014



  1. Jason says:

    Excellent news. I can’t wait.

  2. Charlie says:

    I just read the Holiday Special (late, I know). Well-paced, good ideas, and no bombast. The Kosher Pig-Man story was especially touching, but I would read a Flash Gordon book by any of these folks. Cooper’s art was especially solid. I wish Dynamite did more work like this.

  3. Oldie says:

    Is there a gay or straight online website of this yet?

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