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The Peaches Wrote a Comic Book Together!

“Flash Gordon’s Holiday Special!” It’s 100% written by the three Original Peaches (under the editing of Nate Cosby) — including seasoned comic writer Elliott, and newbies Dan and Stu making their national COMICS DEBUT)!

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Underrated Movies? Here Are Dan’s Picks

My buddy Matt is the proprietor of of an excellent blog called Cockeyed Caravan, devoted to highlighting underrated or underseen films. Recently he’s asked various luminaries and/or people he knows to contribute their own list of movies. I think you can see where this is headed: you can see my list HERE. Thanks to Matt […]

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Flop House Side Project Corner!

In the absence of a new movie minute this week (and the last several alternate weeks–something which will be addressed in the next full episode) we present a couple of notable non-Flop House projects from the busy Flop House crew. First off: Elliott has an article in Popular Mechanics! Yes, that Popular Mechanics! The popular […]

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