“He’s the Housecat” Music Video Contest!

As announced in the ATM episode, we’re having another (hopefully not vaguely defined) contest, for all the filmmakers in our audience

1.) Go HERE to download “He’s the Housecat (Arthur’s Theme)” aka The Song of the Autumn for a mere $0.55 and a steal at any price.

2.) Go HERE to download footage of OP’s Dan, Stu, and Elliott, and adjunct plum Hallie doing kooky make-em-ups in front of a green screen.

3.) Using your creativity and filmmaking wizardry, make a music video for He’s the Housecat (Arthur’s Theme) [being sure to credit Alexander Smith and Stuart Wellington as the artists].

Feel free to ignore the greenscreen footage if you have a different idea (or don’t have the know-how to use it), but we’d love it if you integrated it.

4.) The official deadline to get your entry in may change, depending on how many videos we receive, but for now let’s say it’s DECEMBER 1, which should give you plenty of time.

5.) We’ll pick a few finalists for fans to vote on.

6.) Winners will get a free Flop House t-shirt AND get to pick a movie for us to review, and maybe something else if we can think of it.

Get cracking!